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Angeline Jones
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I cannot tell you enough how awesome this dojo is. I have a 4 year old son who has taken martial arts elsewhere and our experience was not the best. At Tristar, all the sensei’s work diligently to make sure your child gets the best learning experience. I love how organized they are with their awesome app and their emails they send! I’m so thankful I found this place and so is my son!

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Tristar is my granddaughters happy place , not just to eventually earn their black belts , they have become a part of the Tristar family. The structure, discipline, acceptance, positivity, kindness and true caring are what put Tristar above all others. All staff members address them by name showing how much they truly care for each and every student… the “Tristar family!!! “

Tim Delisi
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My son has been training here for about 4 years now. His self-confidence and attention to detail have skyrocketed since. The staff at Tristar treat everyone like family, while still holding every student accountable for their responsibilities. We definitely recommend Tristar!

Kelly Baker
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We love Tristar! As a mom, I especially like the flexibility in what day/time we can go to class. Unlike other sports where you are locked in to the coaches practice day/time, we can go when it fits our schedule. I also love that it’s a sport my son can do all year long. Tristar has helped my son to build his character and strength!

Jennifer Grason
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My son asked to join Tristar Mt Airy after speaking with some of his friends at school. It has been the best place for him these last 3 years. He struggles with ADHD, emotional control and anxiety. After Sensei Chambers and the other instructors convinced him it was ok to go out and train, the dojo became one of his safe spaces. His confidence there is incredible and he always leaves the mat happy no matter how off he was when he started.

Tristar also has the one summer camp where I don’t have to worry about what might happen to get my son upset. The instructors are absolutely the best at making sure the kids have fun while being respectful to each other.

It’s even a great place for adults to get off the couch and start training, no matter what age you are. 1 year, 3 months and counting to my black belt. I never thought that would be an achievable goal for me. I highly recommend Tristar and the terrific staff who work there.

Vanessa Andrew
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My sons attend classes at Tristar Martial Arts Mt. Airy. I practiced martial arts myself for several years overseas and was looking for a dojo like the one I grew up with. For me it's not just about earning the next belt, martial arts is a way of life and that is what Tristar represents to our family. I appreciate and value the dedication of the staff to their students. The instructors not only teach the students martial arts techniques but also personal growth. It is obvious that every single instructor cares about each student.

Sapienza Price
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We highly recommend Tristar Martial Arts in Mount Airy. Our son started on his martial arts journey there when he was just 4 years old in the Little Ninja class. He is now 11, and a 1st degree black belt. The guidance and support from the instructors has been amazing. We are so grateful for our experience with this amazing dojo, that our daughter has also started classes as a little ninja and hopes to one day get her black belt as well.

Stephen U.
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Amazing program and staff teach you the ways of the ninja and samurai! I have learned so much from them in my 6 years of of being a student. This is the place to go!! The instructors are very welcoming and keep you engaged. If you want to feel good about yourself at the end of every class, and maybe even shed some pounds too, please join our family!

Erin Hine
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My son and I have been training at Tristar for about 6 years now and I cannot say enough good things about this dojo. The staff and instructors are an amazing group of people who really love teaching and the martial arts. They do a great job incorporating both discipline and fun into their classes and I have always felt supported and inspired during my training. It's a fantastic way for both adults and children to meet new friends, get in shape and learn both martial arts skills and important life lessons.

Chris Mazzotta
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I was worried about starting martial arts this late in my life. My body tells me I'm not 20 anymore! This is the perfect martial art for people of ALL ages and abilities! I was looking for a fun hobby and found a second family! Clean dojo, great instructors, friendly atmosphere.

Adrienne Powell
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Tristar has been a blesssing for us! They have done wonders for my son's confidence, discipline and commitment in life! I highly recommend them not only for the kids, but if you are looking for fun fitness for yourself! They have a great family oriented atmosphere and have become part of our family! Thank you Tristar for everything! You are one of the strongest kindest people I will have ever have the pleasure of knowing!

Danielle Brandon
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When people ask why my daughter originally picked karate she says “there was a demonstration in school and it seemed fun” but the why she CONTINUES to choose karate is the confidence, courage, community and support of Tristar Martial Arts - Mount Airy. I truly don’t think we would have found the family we did at just any dojo. They’re a family and welcome you with open arms.

Allison Shaw
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When my son was in kindergarten, a kid on the bus started picking on him. I knew I needed to enroll him some kind of program so that he could learn how to defend himself. A friend recommended Tristar and I am forever grateful that she did. He has learned how to deal with bullies (without becoming one) and gained so much confidence. My daughter joined soon after and now both of my kids just love it. Tristar is more than a martial arts school; it is a supportive community of teachers and students that will bring out the very best in your child. As a parent, you couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

Nicole Frost
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We had such a great experience at Tristar! Nothing but good things to say! Our son recently decided to discontinue after training there for nearly 8 years. He started in 2014 at the age of 7 and trained all the way to second degree black belt (and an extra year). You could say they helped to raise him. :) I may have shed some tears at his last belt promotion as this chapter of our lives has come to a close. Thank you to all the wonderful instructors and staff for all the years awesome training! If you are looking for a martial arts "home," this is the place for you!

Hanneke van Busschbach
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This has been the best decision we made for the kids, 6 years ago!! The program is amazing, teaching kids not only self defense, but also building confidence, respect, self control, and personal responsibility. The dojo is like 1 big family and the instructors and SWAT volunteers are engaged, very supportive and focused on helping them succeed. We will be there for many more years!!

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